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Create a unique VR learning experience for a student using the Oculus Rift.

This was a project lasting several weeks and was produced by fellow Chaotic Mooners Johnathan Price, and Chance Ivey. I was responsible for: concepting and constructing the classroom space and it’s contents as well as concepting the interaction with a periodic table and water molecule. I then did the research to 3d model our ideas and delivered Unreal ready assets to the team. 

VR is an emerging field of great interest to me. I think that the initial steps to understand the edge of the page will be learning tools. This project revealed that we should have taken a more 'Matrix' style approach to the problem: the user should have started in something more like the 'construct' -- a blank space or 3d canvas that very few items occupy. This way you limit interactions and the user is less overwhelmed. 

Below you can see the final result of a virtual classroom that Cance Ivey and Johnathan Price produced while working with some of the elements I provided them. This piece was created before some of the advancements in VR, and developers were using LEAP as a means of interaction. 

I was determined to reproduce an accurate molecular structure. (See above).


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