Today's user interactions have higher expectations.


As a UX designer, I can help advise your positioning

by taking time and reaching beyond what's asked for

to determine what's really needed.


Watson Minutes - IBM | GA Hackathon

I've met the higher expectations of IBM. Find out what happened at Connect 2017.

The Beer Traveler

Beer drinkers are looking to find more information on the beers they drink.


Charities need to connect with people that give. See our solution to the problem. 

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Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is an exciting field of interaction. See how I worked within the new medium to change how we approach education. 

2D Work

Have a look at the logo I co-created for Epic Mickey, as well as concept and painting work I've done for the game industry. 

3D Work

My work on many video game titles has given me a breadth of 3D knowledge. You can see examples of that work here. 

Motion Graphics

I'm capable of working in Adobe After Effects to produce web ready animations like the one you see here.

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